What If My Employer Offers Me A Different Job After An Injury?

You May Be Offered A Different Job After Your Workplace Injury. Is It Suitable?

An injury that is serious enough to take you off the job requires ample time and medical attention to heal. Unfortunately, employers are often in a rush to get workers back on the job — and their insurers may be eager to minimize the benefits they pay out.

If you are being pressured to return to work after an injury, it is important that you discuss your concerns with your attorney. Any decisions or statements you make regarding your employment can affect your benefits.

Do I Have To Accept A “Light-Duty” Assignment?

Many of our clients come from jobs they have trained for extensively and held for years. However, their injuries leave them unable to return to their original position. In this situation, an employer may offer a worker a less physically demanding position in the organization.

Ultimately, the decision may be up to your doctor. If your doctor has released you for work with restrictions and your employer offers you a position that accommodates those restrictions, you are generally required to accept it.

The job may not be perfect for your skills and experience, and you may find you are unable to perform it. But making an honest effort shows your employer (and the workers’ compensation judge) that you are serious about making the fullest recovery possible and returning to work when you are able.

More Questions About Returning To Work? Get A Free Consultation.

When collecting workers’ compensation benefits, it is critical to speak and act deliberately. A simple mistake can affect your eligibility for benefits and your long-term financial future. At The Klein Law Group, P.C., our lawyers have years of experience helping workers in New York protect their interests in the workers’ compensation system.

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