Can I See My Own Doctor?

Your Doctor After A Workplace Accident: Whose Choice?

When dealing with the stresses of a workplace injury, many people look for stability and continuity anywhere they can. Clients at The Klein Law Group, P.C., often wish to see their established doctors for treatment after being hurt on the job. Many find it helpful to work with a doctor they know and trust while they are healing during a difficult time.

Can I Choose My Own Doctor?

In New York, you are generally entitled to choose your own doctor to treat a work-related injury, as long as the doctor has been authorized by the chair of the New York Workers’ Compensation Board.

However, there are some exceptions. Some insurers are part of a preferred provider organization (PPO), which gives them some choice over the doctor you see for initial treatment. In this situation, employers will often provide a list of preferred medical providers. They are required by law to provide you with at least two choices in each medical specialty and give you an option of at least two hospitals to visit.

Your initial treatment must be with one of these approved providers. After 30 days, however, you may generally switch to a doctor of your choosing, provided they are authorized by the Workers’ Compensation Board.

Even if you have been treated by your own doctor, the workers’ compensation insurer will often request that you submit to an independent medical examination with a doctor of its choosing. Refusing to do so could compromise your claim. Your lawyer can help you prepare for this examination and protect your benefits.

Treatment Guidelines And Restrictions

While you are entitled to seek treatment from a doctor of your choosing, that does not mean you are in complete control of your medical treatment. New York has strict medical guidelines for treatment covered by workers’ compensation. Your doctor is required to follow certain guidelines or you risk losing your workers’ comp benefits.

We Can Guide You Through The Process. Call For A Consultation.

With strict limits on what medical treatment can be administered for certain injuries, it is critical that you work with an experienced workers’ compensation law firm to get the best treatment possible and protect your benefits.

For answers to your questions about workers’ compensation, we encourage you to contact our firm for a free initial consultation. We accept work injury cases on contingency, which means our fees and costs will be taken out of any compensation we secure for you. To speak with one of our knowledgeable NYC attorneys and begin taking control of your case, please send us an email or call 917-639-5350.

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