Wage Replacement Benefits

How And When Workers’ Compensation Will Help Mitigate Your Lost Income

One of the biggest challenges our clients face is wondering how they will pay their bills if an injury prevents them from working? For many individuals and families, a reliable paycheck is a necessity to make ends meet.

At The Klein Law Group, P.C., we can help you pursue the appropriate workers’ compensation benefits so you can stop worrying about your finances and begin focusing on your health. We have been helping injured workers in New York protect their rights for decades.

How Will I Recover My Lost Wages?

According to New York workers’ compensation laws, you are entitled to two-thirds of your weekly wage, with a cap of $500 per week, after seven days off the job. This applies to total disability as well as maximum partial disability; if you are partially disabled but retain some ability to work, the weekly benefits are reduced.

With decades of experience representing injured workers in New York City, our attorneys know how to handle cases swiftly and efficiently to minimize how long you have to wait for relief. While we have the experience and resources to handle your case expeditiously, we make time to listen. We will take all of your goals and concerns into account when making recommendations about how to pursue benefits.

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