When Does A Doctor Testify In A Workers' Compensation Hearing?

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Your doctor’s input can be very valuable in determining the ultimate outcome of your New York workers’ compensation case. Your doctor will be submitting medical reports to your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer, but a verbal testimony is also important in many cases.

It is not normally necessary for your doctor to appear in person at a hearing, but it is common for fact-finders to obtain a doctor’s feedback through a deposition. There may be telephone conferences involving your doctor and representatives of the insurer. When information is gathered in this manner, your doctor will have the opportunity to explain all the details of your disability. This is why clear communication among you, your attorney and your doctor throughout your case can be critical. An experienced, attentive workers’ compensation lawyer is an ally that many injured workers find essential through the communication and verification processes in hearings and otherwise.

After all the testimony is presented in a hearing, a judge will review and make decisions that will have an impact on the success of your case. The Klein Law Group, P.C., has a successful track record, having helped many clients obtain maximum available benefits.

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