The Importance of Labor Unions to Injured Workers

Union Labor

Many of our injured clients work in industries where labor unions have a strong presence. Over the course of decades of experience, we have seen time and again that workers benefit from belonging to labor unions, particularly when they suffer a work-related injury.

Working With Labor Unions to Benefit Injured Workers in New York

Labor unions are part of a long tradition of leadership, solidarity and advocacy for employee rights, and The Klein Law Group, P.C. supports that tradition by working closely with unions to support the rights of injured workers.

Our lawyers work with labor unions throughout the New York metropolitan area on a regular basis. We cultivate these relationships because unions can provide a great deal of assistance for our clients when they need to pursue workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability claims.

If you have questions about how your labor union could help you with your workers’ comp or SSDI claim, contact us today for a free consultation. Our staff speaks, Spanish, We Speak Chinese & Mandarin and we employ translators for other languages.

The History of Labor Unions

Unions have a long tradition of using collective bargaining to promote workers’ rights, increase their benefits, and improve working conditions. As an important part of many collective bargaining agreements, unions often represent individual workers directly when they make claims for benefits or are involved in disputes regarding benefits, in employee discipline matters, and other situations.

Unions have also been influential in shaping employment law and improving labor relations generally. They have fostered community spirit among workers and built bonds between labor and management in many different industries.

The Benefit of Belonging to a Labor Union If You Are Injured

A union representative can be a strong asset when a worker needs to file a claim for benefits. A labor union rep can inform you about supplemental benefits your union or employer may offer and how to apply for them. A union rep may also be able to help you find witnesses and collect evidence that will strengthen your case.

Our firm has long seen the advantage of dealing with these dedicated union personnel. Just as we are, union reps are committed to helping disabled employees obtain the benefits they are entitled to, ensuring they keep their jobs while they recover, and assisting them when they return to work.

A good union rep understands the worker’s needs and can sympathize with what they are going through. Your union rep is here to represent your interests and to ensure you are treated fairly – just like we are.

One of the greatest assets of a labor union is the feeling of camaraderie and the benefit of strength in numbers. If you have the choice to join a labor union, our attorneys feel that it is always to your benefit to do so.

If you have been hurt at work and would like us to work with your union rep in filing your claim for workers’ compensation or Social Security Disability, Contact our office to schedule a free consultation. You to know you are not alone. Call us at 917-639-5350.

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