Return to Work Issues

Injured On The Job In New York? Ready To Return To Work Or Not?

Most people find the time they spend at home recuperating from an injury or illness to be restful for a while, but later on it becomes boring. They want to return to work and to their co-workers. In other cases, there is disagreement among the worker, their doctor and their employer about the worker’s readiness to return to work.

If you are considering returning to work, you probably have several questions.

  • What if my boss wants me to return to work before my doctor says I should?
  • Can I return to work part-time? And can I go back home if it doesn’t work out?
  • What if my boss wants me to do a different job than I did before?
  • What if my injury/illness gets worse after I return to work?

Attorneys Handling Return To Work Issues In Workers’ Compensation Cases

If you have questions or concerns about returning to work, talk with a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney at The Klein Law Group, P.C. We will make sure you understand your options under New York workers’ compensation law and will protect your interests so you don’t limit your ability to collect the workers’ comp benefits you are due.

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When Should I Go Back To Work?

Workers’ comp law encourages people to try to return to work as soon as they feel able. If it doesn’t work out, you can go back on workers’ compensation. But do report to your Klein Law Group attorney and the insurance company when you return to work and when you stop working.

You can get benefits for temporary work periods for any time that your condition allows you to work but you must report your work efforts properly. You could be denied benefits or charged with fraud if you do not follow through with proper reporting.

  • Learn more about return to work issues.

What If My Condition Gets Worse?

You may need to return home or your boss may offer to switch you to light duties. If your doctor believes you are capable of light duty work, it would be beneficial to try. If you decline and the workers’ comp judge thinks that you could do light duty work, the judge will expect you to show proof that you searched for a new job that could accommodate your limited abilities, or the judge may cut off benefits.

You can continue to get medical treatment for your worsening condition as long as you haven’t signed a final settlement agreement.

You can even go back to work while you are engaged in a legal dispute over workers’ compensation payments, as long as you don’t sign a settlement agreement.

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