New York Workers' Comp Medical Guidelines

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Due to recent changes in New York workers’ compensation laws, benefits have changed significantly, and not necessarily for the better. All treatment for certain work-related injuries must fall into the new medical treatment guidelines, which went into effect in December 2010. Many benefits are now capped. Please contact us to learn more about the new New York workers’ compensation guidelines.

Brief Overview of Updated New York Workers’ Comp Medical Guidelines

The new medical treatment guidelines were originally rolled out in 2010 but since then there have been some modifications due to complaints at its stringency. The guidelines are mandatory for certain type of injuries including back, neck, knees, shoulders as well as injuries related to CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome). A doctor who treats you for any of these injuries must follow strict medical treatment guidelines. If he or she does not follow this the result could mean the treating physician would not receive compensation or payment. The insurance company can refuse coverage and could even halt all treatment.

As you can see, this can seriously impact your treatment and coverage of your workers’ comp injury. It is very important that you are properly counseled as to the changes in these guidelines and how they impact your situation. Our lawyers are always keeping up to date with the latest changes in New York workers’ comp laws and will thoroughly advise you.

Knowledgeable NYC Permanent Injury Lawyers

If you have questions about the new workers’ comp medical guidelines and how it may impact your situation our knowledgeable attorneys can help. Each situation is unique, and we encourage you to schedule a free consultation at our law firm. Contact us online at The Klein Law Group, P.C., today or call 917-639-5350.

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