Industrial Disability Claims

I Industrialdisabilityclaims

If you were injured on the job or developed a work-related illness, you qualify for workers’ compensation and replacement of your wages while you are recovering. However, the amount of money you can receive for your wage replacement benefits may be higher if you have one or more non-medical factors contributing to your inability to work.

NYC Industrial Factors Lawyers

Non-medical factors affecting your disability claim include:

  • If you are an “older” worker and therefore less employable in your industry
  • If you have limited education
  • If you are not conversant in English
  • If you have training only in this one field and you cannot do that job anymore

If any of these non-medical factors is true in your case, contact the Klein Law Group,
to learn more about your rights for an industrial claim. We are New York City workers’ comp lawyers helping injured workers get the benefits they deserve. We can help you understand your rights under New York’s workers’ compensation law.

Wage Replacement Benefits

It could be one factor alone, or several factors together that can cause your wage replacement benefit to be increased.

How long your wage replacement benefit is paid will depend upon when you were injured. If you were injured before 2007, it could extend for your lifetime. If you were injured in 2007 or later, your wage replacement benefit could last for ten years, or possibly longer.

Learn more about how the Klein Law Group can help you. Contact our New York City law office to schedule a free consultation about your work-related injury claim. Call 917-639-5350. Our international staff speaks Polish, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese).

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