FAQs About COVID-19 And New York Workplaces

The workplace is not immune from the risks presented by COVID-19, and the pandemic does not absolve employers of their responsibility to provide safe working conditions for their employees. If you are suffering the physical and financial ravages of COVID-19 due to workplace exposure, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

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Can I get workers’ compensation benefits for COVID-19?

Yes. You can get workers’ compensation benefits if you have suffered severe illness or face long-term consequences as a result of contracting COVID-19 from workplace exposure. This includes people who must miss work in order to recover from COVID-19 and lost wages as a result of long-term complications. Workers’ compensation will typically cover up to two-thirds of your lost weekly wage.

What can a workers’ compensation claim provide for me?

If you have contracted the virus as a result of your job, you should not be left to bear the associated burdens alone. A successful workers’ compensation claim can provide you with the financial resources you need to cover your lost wages and the costs of medical treatment as you recover from COVID-19. If you have lost a spouse or loved one to COVID-19, workers’ compensation can provide survivor’s benefits to dependents as well as reimbursement for funeral expenses.

How can I prove that I contracted the virus at work?

Information is power when it comes to demonstrating that your COVID-19 is work-related. Gather as much information as possible to bolster your claim, including details about your work schedule, your contact with coworkers and customers, and the locations in which you work. This information can help point to the likelihood that your exposure took place at work. For example, if you are an essential worker who spends Monday through Friday face-to-face with members of the general public, your job is placing you at a high risk for exposure to the coronavirus and COVID-19.

What occupations are considered high risk for contacting COVID-19?

Workers who interact with the public are at high risk of contracting the virus during times of high community spread. This includes essential workers such as:

  • Health care workers and first-responders
  • Retail workers
  • Transportation workers
  • Food service and grocery store workers

Workers who share confined indoor spaces with their colleagues are also placed at risk. This includes factory workers, warehouse workers and office workers who are unable to work remotely.

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