Attorneys Representing Clients Injured In Elevator Accidents

Construction site elevator accidents are almost always preventable. Injured workers deserve compensation when unsafe elevators and elevator shafts cause accidents. If you or a close family member has suffered injuries in an elevator accident on the job, we are here to help.

At The Klein Law Group, P.C., you will find experienced trial lawyers with a strong commitment to helping injured people rebuild their lives after elevator accidents in New York.

How We Maximize Compensation For Injured Workers

Our attorneys represent injured workers with skill and perseverance by:

  • Reconstructing how elevator accidents happened
  • Documenting injuries and losses
  • Analyzing and applying legal elements such as New York Labor Law, Chapter 241

Our attorneys demonstrate compassion and understanding. They also act as strong advocates for injured people who need financial resources to move forward. See examples of results we have obtained for previous clients.

About New York Labor Law Chapter 241 And Elevators At Construction Sites

Chapter 241 of New York Labor Law explains who is responsible for maintaining safe elevators and elevator shafts at certain types of worksites. This law includes the following requirements at construction and demolition sites:

  • General contractors and building owners have absolute liability.
  • For elevators or lifting apparatuses at construction sites, shafts and openings at each level must be enclosed or fenced in with barriers of suitable heights.
  • Workers working around elevator shafts must be protected by strong planking – at least two inches thick. The planking should be laid across the opening at levels not more than two stories above and one story below them.

Chapters 255 and 361 of the same labor law include other rules pertaining to safe operations of elevators in factories. The Klein Law Group, P.C., brings claims for elevator accidents in factories, construction and demolition sites, and other worksites. Our lawyers help family members make wrongful death claims after work-related fatalities involving elevators.

Choose Experience And Determination

Note: In addition to on-the-job elevator accident cases, we bring premises liability litigation involving elevators and escalators in office buildings, hospitals and other types of buildings.

We aggressively protect our clients’ interests by standing up to insurance companies and defense lawyers. We are ready to fight as long as necessary to get you the compensation you are eligible for after suffering an elevator accident injury.

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