Ground Zero Injured Workers

Workers’ Compensation For Workers Who Were Injured Or Made Ill At Ground Zero

There are many misconceptions about what Ground Zero workers can receive if they suffer long-term injuries or illness because of their work in the toxic environment created on 9/11. Moreover, many lawyers seem to be making big promises about what you can get.

At the Klein Law Group, P.C., we don’t make promises. We show our injured Ground Zero clients’ results. Our attorneys have been successful getting compensation for hundreds of injured and disabled Ground Zero cleanup workers and volunteers suffering:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Depression
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Asthma or other breathing disorders from breathing in toxic fumes from concrete dust, gasoline, or asbestos
  • Sinus disorders

When you need the facts about your rights, contact the Klein Law Group, to talk with a lawyer who really understands Ground Zero cases. Our staff speaks Polish, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese). Call us toll-free: 1-917-639-5350.

Won’t I Automatically Qualify For Ground Zero Money?

Even if you were employed as a Ground Zero clean-up worker (and many injured people were volunteers), it can be challenging to prove the case for payment. Clean-up occurred in 2001 and 2002 and yet many workers are just now developing illnesses. As your attorney, it’s our job to get evidence tying your illness to your Ground Zero work.

How Much Money Can I Receive?

You’ve probably heard some pretty big numbers thrown around – a million dollars, more than $1 million. But let’s look behind those numbers at the facts:

  • With a workers’ compensation claim, that huge financial recovery is not possible. Workers’ compensation pays a maximum of $500 a week, plus medical expenses and travel, for up to seven (7) years. It doesn’t matter if your injury or illness was the result of Ground Zero work or from some other workplace accident or toxic exposure.
  • Not everyone will receive the maximum amount; it depends upon your injuries or illness. Everyone is different and your case will be reviewed individually by the Workers’ Compensation Board.
  • You can have a workers’ compensation case and another type of injury lawsuit, such as a civil lawsuit or class action suit. That case will be separate from and in addition to your workers’ compensation claim.

The workers’ comp lawyers at the Klein Law Group are here to protect the rights of injured Ground Zero workers like you. Email us to schedule a free consultation.