Successes for Uninsured Employers

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Success Stories

A construction company recently came to us because it received a workers’ compensation penalty for not having workers’ compensation insurance, making it an uninsured employer. The workers’ compensation penalty for not having workers’ compensation insurance was $48,000.00. We are pleased to announce that our appeal of that decision resulted in a reduction to $1,000.00. We are pleased to have saved this small construction company $47,000.00 in penalties, and gratified to be working on behalf of small business owners in New York State who are being charged as not having workers’ compensation insurance.

Edward Prado was accused by the Workers’ Compensation Board of being an employer who did not have a workers’ compensation policy. When someone was injured at Edward’s place of employment, the Board attempted not only to penalize Edward for not having insurance, but also to hold him personally responsible for all the injured workers’ wages and medical benefits. However, after a trial, we were successful in proving that Edward was not an employer as defined in the Workers’ Compensation Law, and so he was found not to be liable either or penalties or benefits to the injured worker.

We represented a married couple who had employed a full-time nanny but did not insure the nanny. We succeeded in reducing a $56,000.00 penalty to $1,000.00.

We represented an owner of livery cars who was facing a penalty of more than $163,000.00. We succeeded in reducing the penalty to a little more than $5,000.00.

We represented a software company facing a penalty of $46,500.00. We had it reduced to $4,650.00.

We represented a doctor facing a penalty of $84,000.00. We reduced it to $17,640.00.

We represented a security firm where we reduced the penalty from $90,500.00 to $15,000.00.

We represented an attorney who faced a penalty of nearly $60,000.00. We succeeded in reducing it to a little over $5,000.00.