Social Security Disability Successes

Social Security Successful Case Outcomes For Reference

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Read On For Examples Of Ways We Have Helped Clients

THE MOTHER OF A DISABLED Ground Zero worker who passed away before his hearing wins Social Security Disability benefits after her son’s death.

A disabled asbestos remover who did clean-up at Ground Zero, and who developed many physical impairments as the result of that work, unfortunately died only days prior to his Social Security Disability hearing. Tragically, the stress of his work, as well as his physical impairments and disability, caused him to try to manage his pain and depression with alcohol, which the Social Security Administration could have used as a basis for denying his claim for Social Security Disability benefits.

We fought for our client’s benefits at two administrative hearings, where we conducted the testimony of both medical and vocational experts. I am proud to report that the Administrative Law Judge agreed with us, and published a Fully Favorable Decision.

A CLIENT WAS INCORRECTLY CHARGED WITH AN OVERPAYMENT of his disability benefits by the Social Security Administration. At first, we won benefits for this client after a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. After that, our client attempted to return to work. The Social Security Administration then improperly rescinded its decision awarding him benefits, and claimed he was not eligible– and even tried to claim that it had overpaid him! We then filed additional claims to protect his benefits, while at the same time we attempted to correct the prejudicial finding by Social Security Administration. This meant that we had to keep the Administration clear on the meaning and significance of several claims at the same time.

After another hearing before the Administrative Law Judge, we won a Fully Favorable Decision that confirmed the original decision in our client’s favor. Not only was the Administration not entitled to collect an overpayment—our client was due many years of Social Security Disability benefits.

Maria Sarosiek, a Polish-speaking woman in her late 40s, was referred to our law firm by one of our clients, because she was disabled and needed social security disability benefits. She was suffering from nerve root impingement in her back, or lumbosacral spine. She had herniated discs. An MRI showed that she had spondylosis and disc bulges in her neck. She also had a torn muscle of the anterior cruciate in her knee, and tendonitis. Even though Mrs. Sarosiek had a high school diploma, and was not yet 50 years old, we succeeded in winning social security disability benefits for her.

Salvatore Gentile was referred to us by his labor union, after he suffered an on-the-job accident, and needed to file a workers’ compensation lawsuit. We succeeded in winning him workers’ compensation benefits, and when he was too disabled to return to work after many months, we developed a case for social security disability benefits, to be paid along with workers’ compensation benefits. Mr. Gentile suffered from spinal stenosis, low back derangement, and back spasms. Despite the fact that he was not even 40 years old, and had attended college, we succeeded in winning this construction laborer social security disability benefits.

Client D: For two years of her disability, “D” had no medical evidence to show that she was disabled. Nevertheless, we persuaded the judge to award her benefits for those two years. We successfully argued that the MRI showed a disability that must have existed in the years prior to the MRI having been taken.

Client F: “F” had no medical conditions within the “listings” that are presumed to lead to a disability. Nevertheless, we persuaded the judge that “F” was totally disabled and he won full benefits for medical conditions not normally recognized by the Social Security Administration as causing disability.

Client C: “C” initially lost her case when the judge found she was not totally disabled. We appealed her case to the Appeals Council, which agreed with our points and remanded the case back to the original judge. This time, the judge found in our favor, awarding “C” many years worth of benefits.

Client A: After he returned to full-time employment, we won client “A” retroactive benefits without medical evidence contemporaneous to the time of his disability. We persuaded the judge that later medical evidence proved that he had been previously disabled.

Client M: The hearing judge disallowed client “M’s” case. We appealed and won, and the case was sent back to the judge. This time, the judge awarded our client benefits on the merits of our written arguments, without a hearing.

Client P: Client “P” died while his case was pending. We obtained an expedited decision for his widow and his retro awarded to her.

Client L: We won this case by writing a pre-hearing brief convincing the judge to award benefits without a hearing.

Client E: We got benefits awarded back to the onset of his claim based upon later medical evidence that reasonably reflected earlier disability. Even though he returned to work, we won him a closed period of benefits.

Client R: We lost in the hearing, appealed and won, which remanded the case back to the judge, who then changed his mind and awarded her benefits without a new hearing.

Client S: We convinced the judge to go about two years prior to actual medical evidence because we argued the MRI findings reflected reasonable expectation that disability already existed.

Client N: This was a very difficult case to get medical benefits for, as conditions were not actually part of the listings.

Client B: We lost with the judge and won on appeal to the Appeals Council, which remanded it to the judge, who then found in her favor without a hearing. Benefits go back to 2004.

Client G: We obtained more than $26,000 in retro benefits.

Client H: We obtained $24,480 for the client.