New York Social Security Spouse Benefits

Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits For Family Members

Social Security Disability family benefits are an area that many people applying for Social Security Disability benefits are unaware of as a topic of interest and a potential source of income for a family when a previous wage earner has become disabled. If you are approved to receive Social Security Disability benefits and you have a minor child or a child who is in school up to age 19, that son or daughter may be entitled to additional Social Security Disability benefits.

Neglecting to apply for benefits on behalf of your minor children can be a costly mistake. If your claim is denied and later approved, back benefits will date to the original application. If you did not apply for benefits for your child at the same time you applied for yourself, your child’s benefits will not apply from that date — but rather, at whatever point in time you did apply for him or her.

This is a prime example of why The Klein Law Group, P.C., recommends that SSD applicants consult with an attorney before applying. At our law firm, initial consultations are free. If we believe you have a likely valid claim, we can help spur you on while ensuring that all eligible family members are included in the application. If you have already applied and/or appealed and now realize that you did not make a claim on behalf of your eligible family member, contact us right away and let us begin developing your appeal.

SSD Benefits For The Disabled Spouse Of A Working Taxpayer

Another type of family SSD benefit that many people overlook is the opportunity for a disabled spouse to receive benefits based on the working spouse’s work history. If your wife or husband has been a homemaker and not worked, and now has become disabled, he or she may be able to apply in your name.

Get The Information You Need Regarding Family And Child Social Security Benefits

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