How does Social Security determine my ability to work?

Social Security will consider how your injuries and illnesses affect your ability to work in a typical full time capacity and on an ongoing basis.

This evaluation is of your Residual Functional Capacity and considers your maximum abilities, based upon on medical and mental impairments.

It is important that your doctors provide specific evaluations of activities such as sitting, standing, and walking.   It is not enough for your doctor to simply state his conclusion that you are disabled.   The doctor should also include tests, lab reports, and exam findings which form the basis for his conclusion about the limits of your abilities.

As Social Security Lawyers we are extremely familiar with the detailed medical findings that Social Security will consider and can assist you in helping your doctors to present the findings in a clear and detailed manner so that your case is presented in the best light possible.

In addition, Social Security will also consider your own statements about your limitations in daily activities, including forms and questionnaires which you must complete and send to Social Security during the course of your claim.

Your Social Security lawyer can help you to ensure that you best communicate all of your limitations for Social Security to consider in the review of your Residual Functional Capacity.