Does Workers' Compensation Affect Social Security In New York?

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To an injured worker, all compensation or benefits translate to financial relief that can help him or her cope with expenses and losses. The injured person may not care where that financial relief comes from so much as how to obtain it and when the gaps created by medical bills and lost wages can be filled.

Whether financial help comes from the federally funded Social Security Disability (SSD), the state-administered workers’ compensation and/or a private third-party personal injury claim, documenting and supporting such any type of successful claim often hinges upon clear communication among the injured person, a doctor and a lawyer.

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If you have been injured on the job and expect to be disabled for a year or more, you are right to seek out a law firm that can answer questions such as, “Does workers’ compensation affect Social Security in New York?” and ” How do I apply for Social Security?The Klein Law Group, P.C., offers free initial consultations, and we welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have in light of your unique circumstances after a workplace injury.

The short answer to the workers’ compensation and SSD question is yes, it may. Your Social Security Disability benefits in addition to any workers’ compensation benefits that you receive cannot total more than 80 percent of the wages you were earning while working. For a more detailed discussion on this topic, see the article on this website on the same topic. To ensure that your timely and complete claim or appeal is poised for the greatest likelihood of success, get the caliber of advice and assistance that The Klein Law Group, P.C., can offer.

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