Can I Work While On Social Security Disability In New York?

Can I Work While Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits In New York?

Once you begin receiving Social Security Disability benefits, you are allowed a trial work period of up to nine months total over a five-year period. This means that you can return to work for that amount of time and still receive SSD benefits. In this way, you can test your endurance and strength on the job despite your disability. Many people coping with disabilities want to try to work again — perhaps at a different occupation than before, or perhaps at a modified version of their previous job.

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About A Trial Work Period

During your trial work period, the Social Security Administration will most likely want to know such things as whether you are undergoing medical care and whether you are working within the restrictions that qualified you as disabled. If the Social Security Administration determines that you are no longer disabled, your benefits may be suspended. However, if you then have to stop work again in the future, there will be a window of time (three years or so) during which you can reopen your original application in an expedited claim.

Rules and guidelines regarding returning to work after being approved for Social Security Disability benefits are both complex and straightforward. An experienced attorney can point the way to your most favorable course of action.

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