New York Short-Term Disability Lawyers

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A short-term disability is ordinarily considered a disability lasting as long as 26 weeks. In New York, there are different types of short-term disability benefits. You may be entitled to benefits through the New York State Insurance Fund. If so, you can apply by way of a DB-450 form. The Klein Law Group, P.C., a workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability law firm, does not handle this type of work. However, we can help screen and evaluate your disability case and help you determine any avenues by which you can obtain needed benefits.

If your short-term disability is work-related, you should file a workers’ compensation claim. Some people do not realize at first that an injury is work-related. Be careful not to miss out because of ignoring the statute of limitations. For example, is your carpal tunnel syndrome an occupational disease brought on by repetitive motions at a job that you are longer working at? You may have a valid workers’ compensation claim.

What about Social Security Disability? It does not apply in the case of a disability lasting less than one year. Ask us about this or other topics related to SSD in light of your individual circumstances. What you now believe is a short-term disability could develop into a long-term disability and SSD might apply after a year.

New York (NY) Short-Term Disability Law Firm

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