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Will You Qualify For Both Long-Term Disability Insurance Benefits And SSD?

Financial relief for a long-term disability may come about through pensions (union pensions, employer pensions or municipal pensions), private long-term disability or long-term care insurance (if applicable), and/or Social Security Disability (SSD). Understanding how other sources of relief interplay with SSD benefits is a critical topic of conversation for you and your SSD attorney.

Determining how any available private insurance funding and a claim for Social Security Disability will impact each other is key. Knowing what your opportunities are and what you are required to do, timing your applications to your advantage and managing your claims all have to do with the ultimate outcome of your case. For example, as you communicate with a long-term disability carrier, it is important to know whether attorneys’ fees are included in reimbursement that you are entitled to.

We highly recommend that you consult with one of our experienced New York attorneys to be sure that you understand your rights, responsibilities and opportunities in the face of disabilities. A conversation with one of our attorneys can help guide you through the process of pursuing all available benefits with full awareness of how other types of benefits will interact with your Social Security Disability benefits.

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