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Ground Zero illnesses persist a decade later

One of the darkest days in American history continues to live on in the form of illnesses and injuries to Ground Zero workers. Thousands of volunteers and paid responders developed serious health problems after they were exposed to the dust, fumes and smoke billowing from the ruins of the twin towers on Sept. 11, 2001.

Carpal tunnel costs the average person $300,000

The American Chiropractic Association has stated that carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most expensive injury to occur on the job, costing nearly $30,000 as a result of time away from work and necessary medical bills.

Workers' Compensation Predictions For 2011: Part I

The Institute of WorkComp Professionals has just released a report which tracks recent trends and makes predictions for 2011. This week we'd like to focus on some of those observations which could affect all injured employees. Today's post will focus on what we can expect financially this year. Later in the week we'll talk about what changes employees can expect to see in the workplace.

New York Snow Removal Workers Face Real Dangers

This winter has already brought more inclement weather than the country has seen in decades. For those living in the Midwest and on the East coast, heavy snowfalls have brought cities to a standstill. New York is still digging itself out of last week's blizzard, and citizens must now deal with interrupted trash service as well as snow removal.

Can Repetitive Trauma Injuries be Prevented?

Such is the question being asked right now by the Illinois Attorney General, the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission, the Illinois Department of Corrections and the Illinois Department of Insurance. Together they are questioning the validity of hundreds of claims that have been made and are currently pending by over half of the prison guards employed at an Illinois correctional facility.

New York Workers' Comp Board Announces New Policy

Employers from all over the world send employees to New York for various reasons. For example, a technology company based in Texas could send an employee to the state to attend an important conference. A construction company could take a job in New York but be based in another state. Or a trucking company could be located in Wisconsin and send drivers to New York to pick up or deliver goods.

OSHA Issues Citations to New York Paper Mill

In May, an employee working at a paper mill in Niagra Falls, New York, was killed. Last week, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration concluded that his death was the result of the paper mill's failure to provide adequate safety mechanisms.

Mayor Urges 9/11 Workers to Accept Settlement

In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, thousands of New York City employees worked to clear the rubble at Ground Zero and keep the city running. Many of those workers suffered serious illnesses because of the dust that covered the city, others lost their lives working to recover victims of the attacks.


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