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End-of-year retail surge brings more temporary workers, injuries

An annual happening across the United States at just about this time every year is the increased hiring of temporary and so-called “seasonal” workers. Those employees help employers in retail and manufacturing industries deal with increased production and sales-related demands that persist through the winter holiday season.

Super Lawyers Elects David Klein, Leslie Tilles and Darren Rumack

We are very proud to announce that David Klein, Founding Partner of The Klein Law Group, has been elected a Super Lawyer for 2014.  David Klein dedicates his practice to fighting for the rights of injured workers in workers' compensation cases for every type of injury, including construction and demolition injuries, faulty scaffolds and ladders, scaffold and ladder collapses, day laborers, demolition workers, health care workers, and anyone else injured or disabled on the job.

Ladder and scaffolding falls: Worker hurt in fall

A construction worker is nursing a broken ankle that will keep him off the job for some time following a serious fall in the late afternoon of Feb. 27. Construction workers here in New York understand the danger that ladder and scaffolding falls can pose to an individual's ability to perform his or her job effectively. Thankfully, workers' compensation will likely be provided to help get this individual through a difficult transition.

Heavy equipment accidents: Man hurt by forklift

A man is in danger of having his arm amputated after it was crushed, according to officials reporting on the accident. The man's arm was injured by a forklift, a dangerous piece of equipment often involved in heavy equipment accidents, as many New York residents are already aware. Thankfully, his injuries are not thought to be life-threatening, though the repercussions on his ability to work may be considerable.

New York workers' compensation to be overhauled

The second of a proposed three meetings of the Workers' Compensation Board took place in Syracuse on Dec. 2, with an eye toward revamping systems in place for workers attempting to take advantage of services afforded them. The New York Workers' Compensation Board is in the process of overhauling existing systems to meet the growing needs of injured workers who rely on their services. As part of this overhaul, the three meeting sessions have been opened to injured workers to express their complaints and needs.

Getting the facts on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Workplace accidents happen more frequently than what some may expect. Typically, the media only covers work related injuries that happen because of severe or shocking accidents. But in reality, the injuries that do not reach the news are far more common and can also be debilitating. In New York as well as across the country, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is said to be the number one occupational hazard since the introduction of the personal computer in the workplace.

Construction accidents a common risk in New York

As the American population continues to expand, we face a need to constantly improve and extend our living areas. As a result, the construction industry thrives, in New York and across the nation. Whether constructing housing, roads or commercial structures, the sight of an ongoing construction project is familiar to all Americans. Unfortunately, construction accidents are also common, and can result in serious injury or even death to those who work within this vital industry.

Mary Poppins would never nanny in New York

A new survey suggests that domestic workers are grossly underpaid and overworked despite New York's 2010 Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. The Domestic Workers Bill of Rights stipulates that employers must at least pay a domestic worker, such as a nanny or cleaner, minimum wage and provide overtime and paid days off. It would appear that there is still a lot of scrubbing to do within the system in order to ensure these laws are followed.

Flight attendants to benefit from OSHA oversight?

For the past 37 years, airline unions have sought the expansion of workplace safety protections for flight attendants. Late last month, U.S. labor and aviation agencies finally proposed doing just that. In essence, the most common workplace injuries and illnesses affecting flight attendants have been grossly under-addressed for decades. For the first time since 1975, flight attendants might finally be getting needed relief.


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