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How a doctor saying sorry could lead to litigation

When a person says they are sorry, it oftentimes means that they are trying to be empathetic toward the person with whom they are conversing. The phrase shows that the person cares and wants to console the other person or make them feel at least a little better. But the phrase "I'm sorry" has another interpretation and it's one that could leave doctors and medical professionals facing litigation down the road.

Paralyzed mother awarded $35.4M in medical malpractice case

Individuals, who choose to pursue a career in the medical field, must always act with diligence and vigilance to ensure for the health and welfare of patients. Today, the implementation of electronic health records mandate means that doctors and nurses must input vital health and medical information in patients' records to ensure such information can be readily shared and accessed by numerous providers.

Poor monitoring blamed for birth injuries

There are many possible causes for birth injuries. Complications sometimes occur during the labor process resulting in injury to the child. Unfortunately, failing to adequately monitor fetal distress or take prompt action leads to birth injuries as well. The consequences are devastating.

Consumer Reports study underscores high number of hospital errors

A central and obvious irony that has been long noted about hospitals by medical industry commentators is that, while they are places where sick people go to get better, they are also locales where ill patients often get even sicker as well.

Medical errors and patient injury: pursuing meaningful recoveries

As lay persons duly appreciative of the fact that medicine is a complex and ever-evolving science, most New Yorkers and other people across the country know that salutary patient outcomes are never guaranteed or written in stone.


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