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Premises Liability Archives

Faulty construction blamed for ceiling collapse

Residents in New York know how common it is to see buildings around the city under construction. Older buildings are being renovated and repaired and newer structures are being erected. With all the chaos and construction that often goes on during building projects, it is not uncommon for the integrity of a structure to be compromised.

Toxic FEMA trailers class action suit settled

About 55,000 people who lived in fume-filled trailer homes in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita will share in a $37.5 million dollar settlement from the companies that built them. The so-called FEMA trailers used formaldehyde-based insulation and glues that often made the occupants sick. The prefabricated homes were used in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Texas.

Investigation into fatal NYC elevator accident continues

New York residents probably remember hearing about the Dec. 14 elevator accident that claimed the life of a 41-year-old advertising executive. She was killed in horrific fashion when the elevator she was trying to board shot up suddenly, ending her life in tragic and dramatic manner.


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