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Demasiados accidentes de construcción, demasiadas muertes

Yo leí este artículo en el Daily News con un sentido de tremendo dolor y indignación. Nueva York es una de las ciudades más grandes de este mundo, y la construcción está creciendo, y todavía no podemos facilitar un lugar de trabajo seguro para los hombres y mujeres que ayudan a mover nuestra ciudad al futuro. Esto es una vergüenza.


I read this article in the Daily News with a sense of terrible grief and outrage. New York is one of the great cities of the world, and construction is booming, yet we still cannot provide a safe workplace to the men and women who helping to move our city into the future. This is a disgrace.

Taking legal action in the wake of a slip-and-fall accident

For people who live in, work in or visit New York City; the city's streets, businesses and public areas as full of potential slip, trip and fall hazards. Many people may be surprised to learn that, annually, more people in the U.S. visit hospital emergency rooms to treat injuries suffered in slip-and-fall accidents than from any other type of accident. For an estimated 17,000 people, injuries suffered as a result of a trip or slip and fall prove to be fatal.

New Yorkers reminded of dangers posed by city's high-rise buildings

According to New York City's Department of City Planning, as of 2014, the city boasted a population of nearly 8.5 million. Located on a small island, city planners and developers have been forced to build up to accommodate the millions who call one of the city's five boroughs home.

Premises liability focus: New York landlord taken to court

Persons and companies that own and manage properties have a good-faith duty imposed on them to reasonably inspect and maintain those premises in good working order, so that guests, visitors and other persons entitled to be onsite are safe and not unreasonably subjected to injury.


Arturo González (nombre alterado por la privacidad) recibirá más de $ 3,500,000.00 en beneficios de compensación de trabajadores y beneficios por lesiones personales. Deseo que Arturo nunca había sido herido, y que todos los empleadores de Nueva York hagan todo lo posible para mantener a sus lugares de trabajo seguros, pero al menos Arturo será compensado por sus lesiones y su sufrimiento, y puede comenzar una nueva vida.


El Centro del Inmigrante informa que una vigilia se llevará a cabo el Sábado día 6 de Diciembre en honor a la vida de Delfino Velázquez Mendizabal, un hombre de familia y Dios, que fallecido en un accidente de construcción en Staten Island cuando estaba trabajando en demolición y el techo del edificio se derrumbó. El fue enterrado bajo los escombros de la construcción. Este noble caballero deja atrás a su esposa, tres hijos y tres nietos.

Injuries reported in Chinatown building collapse

There are many ways in which someone who lives in, or is visiting New York City, could be injured. It is likely however that most people assume that they will be safe from serious harm when inside of a building. This, of course, is not necessarily true. The partial collapse of a building in Chinatown illustrates this.

Fall on ice results in $4M award for New York woman

Though summer has arrived in New York City, as all residents know, winter is only a few months away. While it can be lovely and some area residents enjoy the season, it brings with it certain dangers including cold and snow. When snow isn’t properly removed from sidewalks, parking lots and roads, the outcome can be disastrous.

Building collapse claims at least 6 lives

Construction work and demolition is often dangerous work. Because this is a widely known fact, contractors, subcontractors and property owners have a duty to make sure that the construction site is safe for workers as well as safe for bystanders in adjoining properties.


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