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Ensuring safety in the trenches

Those experienced in construction and excavation work know the dangers of trenches, but it's all too common to hear of collapses and injuries, even deaths on the job. It's one of the most dangerous parts of construction work and, even in a rescue situation, injuries are serious -- as with a recent Maryland accident.

Most common safety hazards on the job

Your job is part of who you are. It pays your bills, funds your children's health and welfare, and gives a sense of pride and achievement. It's a fundamental right that, while you're in the assigned location doing your assigned duties, you will be as safe as can be. This is the case in all injuries, whether you work on the docks, in construction, waiting tables or delivering newspapers.

OSHA fines Queens metal products manufacturer

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration is tasked with ensuring that workplaces in New York and across the country are safe for employees. When a company is found to be violating safety standards, OSHA can impose fines, as a punitive measure and to ensure future compliance to prevent employee injuries.


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