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Injured on the job? Be careful what you post on social media.

After a serious injury on the job, many workers feel bored and isolated. Social media can be a gateway to the outside world. Social media has become so pervasive that we often post without a second thought. When you're involved in a legal case, however, that can be dangerous.

Union membership can mean safer construction sites

There is no disputing the fact that construction workers should have safe work environments. These men and women face hazards on a daily basis that most people will never encounter. And yet, they are often subjected to egregious work conditions that can lead to serious injuries or fatalities.

Applying for social security benefits after a work injury

Becoming injured at work can be a heartbreaking thing to have to go through, since not only can it affect your health and well-being, but it can affect every aspect of your life. An injury at work can, unfortunately, result in financial difficulties stemming from extensive medical bills, lost wages due to taking unpaid leave, and an inability to return to work if a permanent disability is a consequence of the initial injury.

Workers' comp does not justify employer retaliation

Employers enjoy a significant amount of protection from workers' compensation insurance, in addition to the protections that it offers to employees. In most cases, employees receive benefits from their workers' compensation claim, but they may not pursue another lawsuit against the employer, shielding the employer from a much larger potential loss.

The serious nature of lacerations in the workplace

A laceration is a cut, but it's much more than a simple, small injury that can heal on its own. Many lacerations are deep enough to require stitches and potentially surgery to close the wound. Depending on how it was caused, a laceration may have a high risk of infection, which makes it even more complicated.

Injured workers have the right to reasonable work accommodations

No one shows up to work hoping to suffer a serious injury, but workers still get hurt every day in New York and across the country. Sometimes, those injuries are relatively minor and only require a day or two for recovery. Other times, an injury can result in temporary or permanently disability. You may no longer be able to stand for long times, lift much weight or perform other tasks that are critical to your job function.

Construction worker machinery death highlights work risks

Most people accept that construction is a relatively dangerous career path. There are certainly many potential risk factors that construction workers must face on a daily basis. They may need to climb ladders or work on top of scaffolding. Falls are a common source of injury and even of fatalities. They also work around a lot of moving objects, including heavy machinery and supplies. The tools of the trade can also pose a risk, from physical injury caused by a malfunction to crushing injuries.

National Prominence for Our Paralegal Christopher Fernandez!

Not only does our paralegal Christopher Fernandez put in a full day at the firm, helping us fight for our Workers' Compensation clients--he also is a top law student at night--but he has ALSO now won the regional round of the highly prestigious 68th Annual National Moot Court Competition! Our entire staff, and all our clients, are well-familiar with Chris's intelligence, work ethic, and passion. As he now advances to the national rounds, the rest of the country will surely see what we do.

Protect Injured Workers

Sus normas propuestas y directrices de discapacidad reducirían drásticamente las sumas de dinero de compensación para los trabajadores lesionados que perdieron para siempre alguno o todo el uso de sus extremidades. Las normas y directrices


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