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States consider expanding workers' compensation for COVID-19

In April, we called on New York lawmakers to expand workers' compensation protections in the wake of COVID-19. We believe workers' compensation benefits should be available to all workers who were likely exposed on the job and who subsequently become ill, or, tragically, lose their lives, regardless of whether their claim is easily defined as an accident or occupational disability. 

Workers' compensation: Is Tesla hiding injured workers?

The auto industry can be a difficult but rewarding sector to work, but it can also be quite dangerous. New York auto workers have to rely on their employers to provide necessary safety equipment, training and other relevant information. Unfortunately, some auto manufacturers seem more focused on profits than worker safety.

Workers' compensation: USPS fired injured postal workers

Getting hurt at work can be physically, emotionally and financially devastating. Workers should be able to rely on their employers to do the right thing as they take the necessary steps to file for workers' compensation benefits. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Because they cannot count on their bosses, injury victims in New York should be sure to understand what their rights are when it comes to workers' compensation benefits. This is especially helpful for those who think they might not qualify for benefits if they are fired.

Workers' compensation: Office workers get hurt, too

Most people know that working on a construction site or in a factory is dangerous. It is easy to spot the workplace hazards in these environments, but that does not mean all dangers are easy to spot. Office workers get hurt too, and they can seek workers' compensation just like people who are working in more physical industries.

Potential laws would expand treatment under workers' compensation

New York workers who were injured on the job will have many concerns as they seek treatment and try to recover. Lost wages, medical expenses and long-term problems are often worrisome. Workers' compensation is designed to provide these injured workers with a variety of benefits to let them concentrate on returning to full health. If they cannot recover fully or are unable to do the same job they did before, there are benefits for that as well.

What to do after a workplace injury

Every year thousands of American workers are hurt in workplace accidents. While some of these injuries are minor, like small bumps and cuts, others are serious and may threaten the lives of those who are harmed. When a New York worker gets hurt while performing the duties of their job, they should take quick action to protect their rights to seek workers' compensation benefits.

Why might a workers' compensation claim be denied?

Not all of the workers' compensation claims that New York residents file are approved. In fact, many claims for workers' compensation benefits are denied because they lack specific and necessary information. When preparing to file one's paperwork to seek workers' compensation it is important that individuals know what they are doing and that they can seek support from attorneys who work in this area of the law.


No solo su lugar de trabajo puede ser peligroso-su empleador puede ser un peligro para sus derechos legales. Los trabajadores de la construcción son especialmente vulnerables a ser clasificados erróneamente por sus empleadores como contratistas independientes.


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