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In the restaurant and hospitality industry, legal issues such as disputes over rest breaks, overtime pay, wages and tips frequently arise. Under New York labor laws, employers must allow service workers to keep the tips they are given directly from customers and they must adhere to strict laws regarding overtime and minimum wage. Unfortunately, restaurant managers and owners often avoid these requirements in an effort to save money.

At The Klein Law Group, P.C., we stand up for the rights of restaurant and hospitality workers. Even if you are an immigrant worker, you are afforded the same rights as other employees. You don’t have to work overtime without pay, you should be able to keep your tips and you are entitled to rest breaks. Contact our attorneys to hold your employer accountable for the mistreatment you have endured.

New York Full-Service Restaurant Lawyers

Full-service restaurants employ both front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house staff, including servers, hosts and hostesses, busboys/bussers, chefs and cooks. Under New York laws, managers, restaurant owners and nonservice workers are not allowed to take or keep tips from customers. Legally, tips must go to the front-of-the-house restaurant service workers.

Additionally, many wage and hour claims involve:

  • Shaving off time from employee time records to avoid paying overtime wages
  • Unlawful paycheck deductions for uniforms and other expenses
  • Failure to meet minimum wage requirements, especially for immigrant workers

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