New York Employee Misclassification Lawyers

Don’t Let Your Employer Underpay You After Misclassifying Your Job Status

Some people choose to be independent contractors because they want the freedom to work for themselves. Others who need work are often forced into contract work for companies that wish to avoid paying benefits, overtime pay and taxes. The labor laws that distinguish an independent contractor from an employee can be complicated. If you believe you may be misclassified as an independent contractor, contact our lawyers at The Klein Law Group, P.C., for a free case analysis.

What Is An Independent Contractor Versus An Employee?

New York labor laws outline many factors that distinguish an independent contractor from an employee. Typically, the right to control is a determining factor. For example, if you are required to work standard, on-site hours with no ability to negotiate pay or provide similar services to competitors, you should be classified as an employee, not a contractor. Other forms of control asserted in the employer/employee relationship include:

  • Direct supervision of worker
  • Required attendance at meetings and training sessions
  • Required reporting
  • Prior permission for absences
  • Evaluation of job performance

NYC Attorneys Advocating For Workers Wrongly Classified As Independent Contractors

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