NYC Wage Theft Lawyers: Minimum Wage

New York’s minimum wage requirements can be difficult to understand. Generally, employers must pay employees the current minimum wage. However, different rates exist for employees working in certain industries. If you have questions about the minimum wage requirements in New York or suspect that your employer is underpaying you, contact our lawyers at The Klein Law Group, P.C. We will examine your employer’s records of your hours worked and pay, and let you know if you have a wage and hour claim.

New York Minimum Wage Attorneys

Food service workers, including servers, who earn at least $2.55 per hour in tips may be paid at a lower rate. Legal issues can arise when management does not allow service staff to keep their tips or requires employees to share tips. At The Klein Law Group, P.C., we are familiar with the wage requirements for other industries and occupations, including piece-rate workers, and we can provide you with trusted legal counsel in this area.

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