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Cheated Of Rightful Pay For Hours Worked?

Employers are required to keep detailed records of the hours their employees work, as well as their pay. If an employee believes he or she was wrongfully denied overtime pay or rest breaks, the employer must provide records of the employee’s hours to the employee’s attorney.

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Time Off Requirements Overlooked?

In New York, there are no restrictions on the number of hours an employee can work per day, with the exception of children under 18. However, in some industries, including restaurants/hotels/hospitality and factories, an employer must provide employees with at least 24 hours of rest each week.

Additionally, employees who work a shift of more than six hours must have an uninterrupted lunch period of at least half an hour during their shift. To learn more about work hours and rest breaks, please contact our firm.

About Unpaid Time Off, Employment Contracts And Benefits

Pay for holidays, sick time, personal leave or vacation is not required under the New York State Labor Law. However, if an employer has established a paid time off (PTO) policy or offers other benefits, employees must be treated equally under the company policy.

If you have experienced discrimination regarding sick or vacation pay, seek legal counsel. Additional benefits may include tuition reimbursement and health insurance coverage. If you were promised these but not paid when you made a legitimate claim, get legal advice.

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