New York Expense Reimbursements Lawyers

Did Your Employer Fail To Reimburse You For Required Supplies?

Employers must provide their employees with goods and services essential to the performance of their jobs. If you drive for work or purchase materials, permits or anything else that is essential to your ability to do your job, your employer should reimburse you for the expenses. If your employer refuses to reimburse you for these necessary expenses, speak to a lawyer about your options.

At The Klein Law Group, P.C., in New York City, we help employees facing a range of employment law matters, including unpaid expenses.

What Job Necessities Did You Buy That Your Employer Should Have Paid You For?

If you suspect your employer has exploited you by making you pay for needed supplies, you are probably right. Employment expenses that commonly go unpaid include:

  • Gas and mileage
  • Cell phone usage
  • Uniforms
  • Materials
  • Equipment and tools
  • License and permit fees

An employer’s refusal to reimburse you appropriately is, in essence, a form of wage theft. If you have questions about expense reimbursement, consult our knowledgeable employment law attorneys.

Affected By Wage Theft In NYC? Contact Our Attorneys.

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