Potential Penalties For Uninsured Employers

How To Be Sure Your Business Is Complying With Workers’ Compensation Laws

As workers’ compensation attorneys, we meet many small-business owners who are surprised to learn that they are out of compliance with New York workers’ compensation laws. Legal requirements are complex, and it is fairly easy to fall out of step with the state’s insurance regulations.

At The Klein Law Group, P.C., we frequently help small-business owners and employers who have run into trouble with the workers’ compensation system. Whether a worker in your employ was injured on the job or the state has discovered that you are not adequately insured, you may significant consequences. Contact us today to learn more about your rights and options in this situation.

Our attorneys have had success getting penalties significantly reduced or even rescinded completely. We saved one small businesses as much as a HALF MILLION DOLLARS in workers’ comp penalties . We saved another struggling business a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS But no matter how large – or how small – your penalty, we want to help save your business from overwhelming state penalties.

Beware Of Criminal Penalties

In addition to civil action by the Workers’ Compensation Board, some employers who fail to carry proper insurance may face criminal proceedings. Even if you are cleared of wrongdoing, a criminal investigation is a costly distraction that has the potential to harm your business and reputation. It is imperative that you take action to protect yourself.

Has Your Business Been Issued A Stop Work Order?

In addition to financial penalties, the Workers’ Compensation Board may issue an order for you to cease all business activities. In extreme cases, felony charges stemming from noncompliance may also prevent you from bidding on public contracts for a period of up to five years. With the financial stakes so high, it is wise to choose a law firm with extensive knowledge of workers’ compensation law.

You May Have A Defense. You DO Have A Defender.

If you’re facing any of these penalties, the Workers’ Compensation Board has the power to reduce or rescind an order for penalties. We will use our extensive knowledge of state workers’ compensation laws and our standing in New York’s legal community to work toward a resolution that is fair for everyone involved.

Let us start fighting for you today. Please contact us online, or call 917-639-5350 to schedule your free consultation. We serve clients throughout Greater New York City.