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What does it mean to be disabled for SSDI?

A disability can be a life-altering condition that affects a person's general health and their ability to perform or complete everyday tasks. When a New York resident suffers from a disability they may be able to seek financial support from the Social Security Administration. Before a person may collect benefits from SSA, though, they must be able to demonstrate that they are in fact disabled.

Help for those navigating the disability benefits process

A disability, by definition, limits some of the actions that a person may undertake on their own. As previously discussed on this blog, disabilities can be physical or mental and can affect individuals of all ages. When a New York resident suffers from a disability that inhibits their ability to earn a living, they may be able to apply for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

What is "substantial gainful activity"?

The Social Security Administration defines "disability" as the inability of a person to engage in substantial gainful activity because of a physical or mental condition that will last for at least 12 months or that will result in the individual's death. Whether a person suffers from a disabling mental or physical condition will often turn on the medical evidence that they have to support their case. The duration of their ailment may also be determined based on their prognosis and information available about their condition.

Compassionate allowances under SSDI

If a New York resident wishes to receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, they must submit an application and supporting materials to prove their need. After their application has been received by a field office for Social Security it may take weeks or even months for the applicant to receive notice of their approval or rejection. If their application is rejected they may spend more time appealing the decision and working to secure the support that they require.

What options do I have when my application has been denied?

Social Security Disability Insurance is an important source of support for men, women, and children who cannot work or provide for their own needs. Many New Yorkers receive this important form of support to help them lead productive and independent lives. Applications for Social Security Disability Insurance often include a great deal of information and evidence regarding applicants' medical conditions and disabilities and are reviewed by individuals who work for the Social Security Administration.

Social Security Administration proposes social media surveillance

Millions of people across the nation count on disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. When an illness or injury prevents a person from holding down a job, they may rely on the support they receive from the government to take care of their individual needs. New Yorkers throughout the state use their disability benefits to cover a wide range of necessary living costs.

What does "disabled" mean for the purposes of securing benefits?

A disability may present itself at any point in a New York resident's life. They may be born into the world with an illness or injury that limits their capacity to learn, grow, or live independently. They may also suffer an accident or acquire an illness that robs them of the full functioning of their body or mind.

What is a periodic continuing disability review?

Getting disability benefits from the Social Security Administration can be a huge step for a New York resident towards securing a more stable financial future for themselves. Disability benefits require individuals to suffer from ailments that prevent them from undertaking substantial gainful activity and that are expected to last for at least a year. It would seem based on the requirements that they must initially meet, then, that the review process for disability benefits is very strict.

What does 'disability' mean for the purpose of getting benefits?

It can be daunting to try to understand the myriad of benefits' programs that exist to provide support when New York workers become too sick or too hurt to work. A person may not know if they should seek short-term help for getting past their ailment or if they should pursue long-term support from a disability benefits program. This post will focus on one small aspect of benefits law - the definition of a disability for the purposes of pursuing benefits from the Social Security Administration - and readers are advised that it is not offered as legal advice.

What is behind long wait times for SSD hearings in NYC?

When a person is knocked out of the workforce by a disability, he or she can be dealing with a lot of financial stress. So, the last thing he or she may want to face when pursuing the monetary relief of Social Security disability benefits is a significant delay. Unfortunately, this is exactly what many Social Security disability applicants here in the New York City area face.


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