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Construction Accidents Archives

Too many construction accidents involve roof workers

Without proper planning before starting projects, lives are at risk. Too many construction accidents in New York involve roof workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has strict safety standards and guidelines. Compliance is crucial to keep roof workers safe. The most important regulation is to provide workers with appropriate fall protection and adequate training in the correct use of a fall arrest system.

Construction accidents -- 3 injured, 1 dead

Three construction workers were injured and another was killed in a recent scaffolding accident in New York. Two of the victims' injuries were described as serious, while the third suffered minor injuries. Sadly, construction accidents have contributed to at least two deaths in the city since the beginning of 2020.

Construction accidents -- forklift accident kills worker

Working in construction is a rewarding career path for many men and women in New York. However, it can also be dangerous. Construction accidents can seriously injure or kill workers, even when they are taking every possible safety precaution. These accidents are more than just stories that show up on one's news feed for an hour or so -- they involve real people whose lives and loved ones are deeply affected.

Construction accidents: Worker injured in fall

Construction workers face a lot of on-the-job risks, especially when working at significant heights. Employers should always provide their employees with proper safety training and equipment for facing these kinds of risks, but avoidable construction accidents still happen in New York far too often. These accidents rarely have good outcomes.

Workers' compensation for heat illnesses and injuries

The temperature might still be cool, but warmer months are just around the corner. While some people might look forward to warm weather, construction workers have to worry about their own safety. These workers frequently spend their summers working outside, often without adequate protection from the sun. Heat-related illnesses can develop very quickly in this type of situation. What workers might not realize is that workers' compensation can help.

What are electrical hazards on construction sites?

Electricity is a great force that brings power to many of the goods and products that New York residents use each and every day. When a person plugs their phone or computer in to charge, or flips a light switch in their home, they are using electricity. Construction workers deal with electricity and electrical hazards whenever they are present on construction sites that use power cables and other tools to install electrical systems.

What should a victim do after a construction accident?

Construction workers face a range of dangers each day that they go to their job sites. The size and weight of the materials they use, the power of the machines they operate, and the nature of the work they perform all introduce unique and hazardous conditions to their work responsibilities. Across New York, many construction workers have suffered painful and life-altering injuries while doing their jobs.

Equipment accidents on New York construction sites

Many different tools and pieces of equipment may be used when a New York construction project is started. From tiny nails and screws to massive cranes and trucks, the building materials, electrical machinery, and additional hardware that must be on hand to complete the project can be extensive. When equipment and tools are properly handled and individuals are trained to use them, many equipment accidents on construction sites can be avoided. However, not all accidents of this nature arise from operator mistakes.

What are the Big 4 of construction accidents?

The construction industry is a booming part of the New York economy. From residential complexes to sprawling shopping centers to skyscraping office buildings, there are many different construction projects underway throughout the city and surrounding metropolitan area. Though machines and equipment are essential to putting up the homes and businesses that support New Yorkers' lives, construction workers are the heart of the efforts that go into new building projects.


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