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Construction Accidents Archives

Equipment accidents on New York construction sites

Many different tools and pieces of equipment may be used when a New York construction project is started. From tiny nails and screws to massive cranes and trucks, the building materials, electrical machinery, and additional hardware that must be on hand to complete the project can be extensive. When equipment and tools are properly handled and individuals are trained to use them, many equipment accidents on construction sites can be avoided. However, not all accidents of this nature arise from operator mistakes.

What are the Big 4 of construction accidents?

The construction industry is a booming part of the New York economy. From residential complexes to sprawling shopping centers to skyscraping office buildings, there are many different construction projects underway throughout the city and surrounding metropolitan area. Though machines and equipment are essential to putting up the homes and businesses that support New Yorkers' lives, construction workers are the heart of the efforts that go into new building projects.

Representation for victims of construction accidents

Humans have been erecting structures for thousands of years, and over time those structures have become sturdier and sounder. New Yorkers can often witness the painstaking care that goes into building a new shopping complex, office park, or residential high rise due to the massive number of construction projects that are always underway in the city. While they can watch new buildings go up from afar, most people cannot get close to structures that are being built.

Construction site injuries can be serious and diverse

In the last few months this New York-based personal injury and workers' compensation legal blog discussed the problem of falls on American construction sites. Falls are a serious threat to construction workers since they can suffer them in many different ways. Workers can fall from heights when they are not properly secured, from equipment when it moves, or even on flat ground when debris clutters their way and causes them to trip.

Falls are common causes of construction accident injuries

Construction workers possess great responsibilities. If they do not do their jobs well, the safety and security of New York residents could be threatened if the buildings, roads, and other structures they use are unsound or poorly built. As such, men and women who work in the construction industry work hard to ensure that the projects they complete are solid, safe, and secure.

Important steps to take after a construction site injury

The construction industry is an inherently dangerous environment for workers who choose to follow occupations within it. Certain types of accidents such as falls from scaffolding, crushing and machinery incidents, and others can afflict construction workers and leave them with serious and even life-threatening harm. Employers in New York and throughout the rest of the nation are required to follow certain regulations regarding safety at their construction sites, but despite these legislative and regulatory efforts individuals are still hurt while performing construction jobs.


Sometimes, the Social Security Disability Administration will try to cut your benefits under a "Continuing Disability Review," or "CDR." If this happens, all is far from lost. You can elect to fight a decision to cut your benefits. You can also elect to keep getting benefits while the administration conducts its review-but act fast, because you only have a few days to file for continuing benefits after your notice of termination. You will have to decide whether to collect benefits during the review, because if you lose your appeal, you will owe back all benefits you received during the process of review.

East Harlem crane fall injures 3 construction workers

Despite the large number of high-rise buildings here in New York City, not all serious construction accidents occur at high altitudes. Case in point is an accident that sent three construction workers to Harlem Hospital on June 25. One of them was reported to be in critical condition. Another was described as suffering nonlife-threatening, but nonetheless serious, injuries. The third reportedly suffered minor injuries.

A Midtown construction site worker dies after a glass panel falls

A construction site near the intersection of 57th Street and Seventh Avenue in Midtown Manhattan was the scene of a fatal incident on Saturday, May 26. That morning, a large glass panel fell from the first floor of one of the city's largest skyscrapers, the Central Park Tower, killing a security guard and injuring a worker standing beneath it.


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