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Changes In Workers' Compensation Law Archives

Protect Injured Workers

Sus normas propuestas y directrices de discapacidad reducirían drásticamente las sumas de dinero de compensación para los trabajadores lesionados que perdieron para siempre alguno o todo el uso de sus extremidades. Las normas y directrices


Mi Paralegal principal, Elizabeth Ríos, asistido a la reciente Foro Cívico de Latinos de la Ciudad de Nueva York en nombre de nuestra oficina, The Klein Law Group. Liz informa que conoció a algunos viejos amigos, e hizo algunos nuevos. Fue un honor para nosotros ser parte de este gran programa, apadrinado por el Instituto de Murphy de la Universidad de la Ciudad de Nueva York.

New York workers' compensation to be overhauled

The second of a proposed three meetings of the Workers' Compensation Board took place in Syracuse on Dec. 2, with an eye toward revamping systems in place for workers attempting to take advantage of services afforded them. The New York Workers' Compensation Board is in the process of overhauling existing systems to meet the growing needs of injured workers who rely on their services. As part of this overhaul, the three meeting sessions have been opened to injured workers to express their complaints and needs.

Flight attendants to benefit from OSHA oversight?

For the past 37 years, airline unions have sought the expansion of workplace safety protections for flight attendants. Late last month, U.S. labor and aviation agencies finally proposed doing just that. In essence, the most common workplace injuries and illnesses affecting flight attendants have been grossly under-addressed for decades. For the first time since 1975, flight attendants might finally be getting needed relief.

Worker safety rule has been excessively delayed

We have previously written about why it is critically important for New York employers to fix safety hazards promptly. Failure to do so can result in completely preventable workplace injuries.

Workers' Compensation Predictions For 2011: Part I

The Institute of WorkComp Professionals has just released a report which tracks recent trends and makes predictions for 2011. This week we'd like to focus on some of those observations which could affect all injured employees. Today's post will focus on what we can expect financially this year. Later in the week we'll talk about what changes employees can expect to see in the workplace.

New York Workers' Comp Board Announces New Policy

Employers from all over the world send employees to New York for various reasons. For example, a technology company based in Texas could send an employee to the state to attend an important conference. A construction company could take a job in New York but be based in another state. Or a trucking company could be located in Wisconsin and send drivers to New York to pick up or deliver goods.


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