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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Archives


If you are totally disabled for a serious medical condition--from spinal fusion or other surgery, to shoulder or knee replacement, to diabetes or cancer, or any other serious disabling condition--one of the most significant parts of your case is your EOD, or established onset date.


IMG_0191.JPG  On Tuesday, February 2nd, I was again invited to teach Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury, and Social Security Disability laws in the main auditorium at Lincoln Hospital. It's a privilege to empower working men and women with knowledge how to protect their benefits if they injure their back or neck, or shoulders or knees, or develop carpal tunnel syndrome, while working in construction or on a scaffold or ladder, or in an elevator accident, or when a roof collapses, or in a construction hole, or in caring for the elderly and disabled. With Elizabeth Rios, my Chief Paralegal and recipient of a Certificate in Latino Labor Leadership from Cornell University, I was able to teach the Spanish-speaking workers in attendance. Later this month I will be teaching at Presbyterian Hospital in upper Manhattan, and for a group of construction workers in Queens: I cannot be more excited and gratified to be sharing my knowledge with the working men and women of New York City.  


Mi Paralegal principal, Elizabeth Ríos, asistido a la reciente Foro Cívico de Latinos de la Ciudad de Nueva York en nombre de nuestra oficina, The Klein Law Group. Liz informa que conoció a algunos viejos amigos, e hizo algunos nuevos. Fue un honor para nosotros ser parte de este gran programa, apadrinado por el Instituto de Murphy de la Universidad de la Ciudad de Nueva York.

Getting the facts on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Workplace accidents happen more frequently than what some may expect. Typically, the media only covers work related injuries that happen because of severe or shocking accidents. But in reality, the injuries that do not reach the news are far more common and can also be debilitating. In New York as well as across the country, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is said to be the number one occupational hazard since the introduction of the personal computer in the workplace.

Carpal tunnel syndrome pains workers

While sitting may seem like a safe activity, sitting too often or for long stretches of time can be detrimental to a person's health. What is a person to do then, when one's job necessitates sitting? As one article recommending healthy workplace behaviors suggests, there are ways that workers can decrease the risk of sustaining an injury from sitting too long.

Carpal tunnel costs the average person $300,000

The American Chiropractic Association has stated that carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most expensive injury to occur on the job, costing nearly $30,000 as a result of time away from work and necessary medical bills.


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