Pedestrians more likely to be struck by an SUV or pickup truck

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2023 | Personal Injury

More people are turning to pedestrian activities as transportation or exercise. Sadly, increased pedestrian traffic has also led to increased pedestrian-related accidents. New York residents who are walking, jogging, or riding their bicycles should take extra precautions at intersections because this is where most accidents occur.

A new study released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows that a majority of pedestrian accidents occur at an intersection. The report also shows that there has been a significant increase in pedestrian accidents that involve SUVs or pickup trucks that are making left turns.

Design flaws in these vehicles may be to blame

While conducting the research for the study, researchers believe that the reason SUVs and pickup trucks are involved in more pedestrian-related accidents is because of the way their windshields are designed. The A-Pillars used to connect the windshield to the vehicle and secure it to the roof and body are in a place that can diminish visibility, especially when turning left.

However, this design flaw does not alleviate these drivers from taking extra precautions when operating their vehicles, especially at an intersection.

Pedestrian accidents are often catastrophic events

Pedestrian accidents often cause life-changing injuries. The pedestrian is often thrown during impact, leading to additional injuries. Since these victims do not have the physical protection of a vehicle, their bodies take the full impact of the event.

If you are a pedestrian, you are encouraged to take extra care when moving through an intersection. Make sure you are seen by any vehicles approaching the intersection to make a turn. While avoiding an accident is not always possible, being hyper-alert when you are at an intersection can help protect you from the negligent actions of others.