The workers’ compensation process

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits could financially assist qualified New York employees. Workers may understand that workers’ comp provides benefits to workers hurt on the job until they recover. However, they might not know all these steps. Understanding the various measures could make things more transparent for those applying.

The workers’ comp process

Reporting the injury is the first step in the process, and delays could be detrimental to the claim. As soon as a worker suffers an injury, it becomes necessary to inform an employer. Of course, someone who needs immediate medical attention would seek care first. The employee must undergo medical treatment even if the situation is not an emergency. The medical examination might diagnose the condition and determine how long the person will miss work.

The employer has responsibilities to follow after receiving a report about the injury. The employer should file the first report of injury (FROI), and the worker would receive an info packet from the workers’ compensation carrier.

The claim moves forward, and the response could be an approval or a denial. A return-to-work plan is the next step, although an employee might take action to reverse a denied application.

After a claim ends, the process closes. The employee then returns to work.

Disputes and concerns

Although the state follows a no-fault rule, an employee could face difficulties filing a workers’ comp claim in New York. The worker may encounter problems with an employer who questions the claimant’s injury. For example, an employer might state the injury was not work-related, leaving the employee to counter with convincing proof.

Employers may appeal a denial. Refuting the reasons for the denial might overturn the original decision.

A workers’ compensation claim follows a standard process. Workers could benefit from learning about the steps.