The top 10 construction site accidents

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Following are the 10 most common construction accident causes, including construction’s “fatal four” highest fatality accidents according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Construction workers in New York and elsewhere should be aware of these risks.

Being struck by falling objects

Many worksites use scaffolding and involve buildings with multiple levels, which exposes workers below to injuries from falling materials or tools.

Getting hit by vehicles

Construction projects often involve many vehicles, including steamrollers, cranes, trucks and vans. Many workers suffer fatal injuries from being struck, and OSHA categorizes “struck-by” accidents as one of its fatal four categories.

Falls From Heights

Falls on construction sites are often fatal and fall under OSHA’s fatal four construction accidents. Workers frequently use ladders and scaffolding on jobs while working at great heights, and unstable equipment and the lack of safety harnesses or handrails contribute to fall accidents.

Slips and Trips

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 22,000 reported slip and trip accidents annually. Obstructed walkways, improper footwear and spillages contribute to these construction accidents.


OSHA lists electrocutions as another of its fatal four construction accident categories. Workers are injured or killed after contact with live electrical power, often through unattended live cables.

Getting Crushed Between Objects

On a construction site, workers can become caught and crushed by several dangerous objects. “Caught-by/between” accidents are one of OSHA’s fatal four accident categories. Workers can get crushed between heavy building materials, equipment or construction tools.

Machinery-Related Accidents

Heavy machinery on construction sites is involved in many accidents, causing cuts, lacerations, broken bones, severe injuries and fatalities. Workers must operate bulldozers, jackhammers and other equipment with proper training and, sometimes, licensing.

Collapsing Trenches

Large trenches of varying depths are part of many conduction sites. Trenchwork puts workers at risk of being injured by equipment or building materials falling on them or having the trench collapse and crush them with dirt.

Fires and Explosions

Work sites contain hazards that can lead to construction accidents, like explosions or fires. Leaking gases, broken pipes and exposed electrical wiring set up conditions for a spark to set off an explosion or fire, causing injuries from flying shrapnel, burning liquids or falling construction materials.


Construction work requires heavy lifting and other activities that cause muscle strain and injury. Workers also have jobs that require them to work in excessive heat or cold, often with long hours, contributing to heat stroke, dehydration or other exertion-related illnesses.

Although construction sites have many dangers, the risk goes down with more safety equipment and improved worker training.