Tips for safe driving during the fall

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2022 | Car Accidents

The onset of fall in New York brings lower temperatures, turning leaves, and weather changes. While fall brings welcome relief from the heat of the summer months, it also requires people to make adjustments in how they drive. Driving in a way that is safe for the conditions is important for preventing car accidents.

Shorter days

As the fall months progress, the days become increasingly shorter. Driving during the fall means that people will spend more time driving in the dark. To prepare, motorists should ensure their headlights are aligned and functioning properly. They should make sure their headlights are on at twilight. Ideally, driving with the headlights turned on regardless of the time of day can make drivers more visible and help to prevent accidents. Drivers should be cautious and watch for children playing or walking to and from school. They should also keep their attention focused on the roads to watch for pedestrians, joggers, and bicyclists.

Weather changes

Drivers should also be prepared for weather changes during the fall to avoid personal injury accidents. The following changes in the weather should prompt added caution:

  • Colder temperatures that could result in freezing precipitation on the roads and bridges
  • Fog that could make it more difficult to see
  • Temperature changes resulting in tire pressure fluctuations
  • Rain that could cause hydroplaning

All of these types of changes should lead to drivers exercising additional caution. When driving in inclement weather, motorists should slow down and drive no faster than the conditions allow. They should brake gently when going over bridges or patches of ice on the road rather than slamming on their brakes.

Exercising caution while driving in the fall might help to prevent motor vehicle accidents. Drivers should drive safely no matter the time of the year, but they should use added caution during weather and temperature changes.