Four construction site dangers and how to prevent them

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2022 | Construction Accidents, Work Injuries

New York construction workers face numerous hazards when they are working on projects. Because of the inherent risks of construction work, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has promulgated safety regulations that specifically apply to the industry and address various common dangers faced by workers. Despite the safety guidelines, some companies fail to properly implement safe working practices, resulting in serious accidents, injuries, and deaths involving their employees. Here are four of the biggest dangers faced by construction workers and what should be done to address them.

Four major risks on construction sites

According to OSHA data, the agency receives the most fatality reports for accidents involving one of the four construction site dangers:

  • Falls – Many workers are killed in falls from heights, including falling from work on skyscrapers, off of unprotected sides or through unprotected holes, or off ladders, scaffolds, or roofs
  • Struck-by objects – Some construction workers are killed when they are struck by falling objects or loose debris on construction sites
  • Electrocution – Workers can be killed when they contact overhead lines, work in wet conditions with exposed outlets, or come into contact with exposed wiring while working on projects
  • Caught in between machinery, tools, trench walls, or devices – Workers who work around heavy machinery, in trenches, or large tools can be killed when they are caught in them

Prevention of accidents involving the four major risks

Employers can take steps to prevent construction accidents involving these and other dangers on construction sites by following OSHA’s safety guidelines and ensuring their workers are properly trained and always use safety gear while working. Many accidents that occur on construction sites are preventable and could have been prevented if the employers had followed safety standards and had ensured they had appropriate safety protection systems in place.

Construction accidents can be catastrophic and result in permanently disabling injuries or fatalities. Because of the risks involved in working on construction sites, it is imperative for employers to avoid cutting corners and always ensure they maintain safe working conditions. Employees should always use personal protective equipment and promptly report any unsafe work conditions to their supervisors and/or the relevant authorities.