Overexertion may cause construction worker injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2022 | Construction Accidents

Working at a New York construction site requires risk awareness. Slip-and-fall accidents and tool-inflicted injuries represent two ways construction workers get hurt. Such accidents lead people to wonder who is at fault. However, when a worker experiences an injury due to overexertion, the victim might be at least partially at fault for their misery.

Issues with overexertion

Anyone who pushes themselves beyond physical limits takes a chance of suffering an overexertion-related injury. Standing too many hours in a row or attempting to lift a heavy object could lead to trouble. Acute injuries and ones that develop over time may derive from pushing oneself too hard. Such injuries could become career-threatening, depending on their severity.

There are other ways a construction worker could suffer from overexertion, including ones the worker may not expect. The impact of tools on the body might contribute to overexertion problems. Not using the tools correctly or working with damaged tools may also lead to other injuries.

Repetitive motion problems could develop into overexertion troubles. Unfortunately, certain jobs require performing the same tasks repeatedly, possibly increasing the chances of overexertion.

Financial woes and overexertion

When construction accidents lead to injuries, a worker could suffer financial consequences. Being out of work might make affording daily necessities difficult even with a short recovery period. A civil lawsuit may be possible, such as when a third party is negligent. Anyone suffering from defective tools may have a lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Construction workers might have a valid worker’s compensation claim. Since New York remains a no-fault workers’ comp state, negligence does not need to factor into the injury. The claim requires submitting timely proof and following other necessary steps.