Common construction site injuries workers face

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Construction Accidents

The news may report a rare and unexpected disaster at a construction site. However, construction accidents often fall under similar categories as any other harmful workplace incident. Ironically, even though managers and workers might expect specific injuries to occur, preventing them could be impossible. Sometimes, however, negligence causes the accident, leading to litigation in a New York courtroom.

Construction site and workplace injuries

Preventing injuries isn’t even possible in many situations. Someone who suffers shoulder damage from repetitive motion issues essentially bears the burden of performing routine tasks. That said, workers could slip and fall on the job, incidents that might result from negligence.

Of course, some worksites are more dangerous than others. Therefore everyone must be on their guard to prevent an accident. Yet, stopping the injuries may be impossible. Someone working at a construction site probably knows there are dangers of falling objects, but tools may slip out of people’s hands without warning. Understanding the risks does not mean it’s possible to prevent them even under the best circumstances.

Further dangers at construction sites

Terrible construction accidents may derive from faulty equipment, improper training, or even fellow workers’ horseplay. A worker could become violent on the job, hurting others after losing control. Workers’ compensation claims or civil litigation might result after someone gets hurt.

A construction site’s chaotic and crowded nature could endanger everyone’s path. Vehicles moving around the site create hazards from cars, trucks, or heavy equipment accidents. Problems with tools could lead to severe lacerations or worse. Running electrical cables presents risks of life-threatening injuries.

Victims of a construction site or another workplace-related injury could file a workers’ compensation claim under most circumstances.