Who’s to blame for accidents caused by self-driving cars?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2021 | Car Accidents

Self-driving cars are a hot topic these days in New York. With the motor vehicle accident rate on the rise, it’s no surprise that people are so excited about the prospect of vehicles free from human error. However, even if motor vehicle accident rates go down thanks to self-driving cars, sometimes, there are accidents caused by these vehicles, and the blame may rest on more than one party.

The driver

Although self-driving cars are often considered autonomous, the human element has to always be present in some capacity. The self-driving car still requires a driver to take control of it when necessary, and this may pose problems if he or she is negligent while operating the vehicle. For instance, the motorist has to follow all driving rules and regulations at all times while operating a self-driving vehicle. If he or she disregards traffic laws in any way, they may cause a motor vehicle accident

The manufacturer

Another party that may be to blame for motor vehicle accidents involving self-driving cars is the car’s manufacturer. When a motorist purchases an autonomous vehicle, the company will assure them that the vehicle has been thoroughly tested and proven safe. However, this doesn’t mean that the motorist will not have an incident-free experience with their self-driving car. If a defect is present in design or other aspects of the vehicle that is or isn’t known to the vehicle manufacturer, it could cause a malfunction and accident.

The mechanic

Sometimes motor vehicle accidents can occur as a result of a fault in the car’s operating system. However, they may also stem from an error during routine maintenance on the part of a mechanic. For example, if a motorist takes their car to have the brakes repaired and the mechanic fails to install them properly, this could cause an accident.