Construction accidents can be negligent

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Construction Accidents

Construction accidents can be fatal for the worker and others in the vicinity of the construction site of a project. There are many cases of people being killed or seriously injured on a construction site due to a lack of safety measures.

It also leads to significant economic losses because it delays projects. Workers may be exposed to hazardous chemicals without appropriate training, which, again, leads to loss of life and damages associated with health care expenditures.

Common causes of negligent construction accidents

Construction accidents can happen for a variety of reasons and during various stages of the construction process. For starters, it’s important to be aware of some major causes of construction accidents:

  • Materials: To save money and increase profits, some construction companies are tempted to use substandard construction materials.
  • Skilled workers: Another budget-cutting strategy of some construction companies is using workers who are not sufficiently skilled in the area that they are working in.
  • Safety equipment: Sometimes workers do not have access to all the proper safety equipment needed to safely complete the job.
  • Supervision and enforcement: Sometimes workers are not properly supervised by trained safety professionals that are authorized for enforcement of safety rules and laws.
  • Lack of a health and safety program: Every construction company should have a proper health and safety program implemented to protect its workers and the general public.

There are numerous ways that the negligent actions of a construction company can lead to injuries, illness and death. The above are some of the most common causes seen.

If you feel that your accident was avoidable and was the result of the negligence of a construction company, it can be beneficial to have professional guidance that is experienced in construction accidents in New York.