Workers’ compensation myths

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

People sometimes feel daunted about pursuing a workers’ compensation claim because of common myths about what the process involves. However, some of what you think is common knowledge about benefits may not necessarily be true.

If you sustained an injury on-the-job, do not make assumptions about your rights without getting adequate information. Here are some widespread myths about workers’ compensation that you should be aware of.

Making a claim will cost you

Unlike other benefits that come out of your paycheck, you do not pay any portion of your workers’ compensation premiums. Also, medical treatment will not cost you any deductibles or copays like employer-sponsored health insurance.

You will limit your legal remedies

Filing for workers’ compensation will not prevent you from pursuing additional forms of compensation. You may have a cause of action against an employer, a subcontractor, a product manufacturer, or an individual. In addition, you may be able to collect disability benefits from your employer’s disability insurance carrier.

A claim will cover all of your lost wages

Unfortunately, people cannot get their full wages from a claim. New York’s Workers’ Compensation program applies a formula that uses a percentage of your average weekly wage multiplied by a percentage representing the extent of your disability.

Denial means you are ineligible

Receiving a letter denying a claim does not always mean that you will not be eligible for benefits. Workers’ compensation claims may sometimes prevail on appeal.

Be strategic about applying for workers’ compensation. Get the information that you need about your claim from an authoritative source.