Falls are a common cause of worker injuries on construction sites

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2021 | Workplace Injuries

Construction work in New York goes on year-round. It often seems as if there are projects constantly in progress. This provides work for many people in the industry. Those who are working on site are subject to inherent risks due to the sheer nature of the job. Since many workers’ compensation claims stem from injuries suffered during construction jobs, it is important that employers and workers know how to mitigate the dangers they face. Still, injured workers and their families should understand what benefits are available and how to get them.

Absence of fall protection can cause serious injuries

While construction work is rife with potential hazards, including heavy tools, large vehicles and stressful physical labor, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that falls cause the highest number of construction deaths. In 2016, for example, approximately a third of the nearly 1,000 construction fatalities came about because of a fall. These accidents may be preventable, and awareness of proper safety is key.

Employers are advised to initiate proper planning, give workers adequate equipment and train their employees. With planning, the details of the job and the height of the project are fundamental factors in preparedness. Equipment that can enhance safety when workers are stationed at heights includes harnesses. In addition, using ladders, scaffolds and fall arrest systems can prevent injuries and save lives. If workers receive proper training on their tasks and using the equipment, it can help prevent accidents from occurring.

When falls happen, workers should know what to do next

Unfortunately, employers could try to cut corners and compromise worker safety in the process. This is especially treacherous with construction work and the possibility of falls. The circumstances of the accident can be essential when seeking workers’ compensation benefits as investigators may attempt to find ways to limit the employer’s liability as a way to reduce or deny benefits. Medical costs, lost income and various challenges can arise after a construction fall or other accident. Having professional guidance when seeking benefits may be critical.