The most common work-related knee injury you’ve never heard about: Prepatellar bursitis

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2021 | Workplace Injuries

People who suffer a knee injury at work can suffer from extreme pain and mobility limitations. These injuries are often deeply challenging and can lead to lost work time and problems with mobility. 

The odds are high, however, that you’ve never even heard of the most common work injury of all: Prepatellar bursitis.

What is prepatellar bursitis?

The work-related knee injury known as prepatellar bursitis is commonly referred to as “housemaid’s knee” or “miner’s knee.” This occurs when the fluid sack over the kneecap becomes swollen from use and pressure — frequently just by kneeling on hard surfaces for long periods of time. It causes severe pain and lack of range of motion in the knee. 

There are a few ways that this injury can be prevented. One of these is that workers should be provided with knee pads to use while they work. All workers should also take time to straighten out their legs when they’re having to kneel for prolonged periods during the day. Workers should also be discouraged from twisting their knees while they work. 

How does this injury occur?

Unfortunately, these knee injuries sometimes appear slowly over time. The symptoms might be minor at first and then get progressively worse. Some workers might overlook these signs, and that can lead the injury to become even worse. Any worker who has knee pain should visit a doctor to determine what’s going on so they can start treatment quickly.

Ultimately, a knee injury may result in a workers’ compensation claim. This can help the individual to get the medical care they need. It can also provide them with partial wage replacement. If you’re struggling to get the compensation you deserve for your work-related knee injury, it may be time to speak to an advocate about your legal options.