What types of injury risks do restaurant workers face?

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2020 | Workplace Injury

Restaurants form part of one of the largest and most lucrative industries in the United States. Independent Agent Magazine data suggests that as many as 15 million employees work in this industry in this county. The article also showcases how employers in this sector generate as much as $1 trillion in annual profits. That same data also shows that, sadly, worker safety is a real issue in this industry.

Common injuries that restaurant workers suffer

The leading type of injury that restaurant workers suffer are slip-and-fall accidents.

Muscle pulls, strains or sprains resulting from lifting heavy objects are also quite common, as are scrapes, cuts, burns and bruises. Restaurant workers also often suffer from back and leg fatigue, especially if they find themselves standing for a prolonged time.

While many workers recover from the injuries they suffer, countless others face lifelong limitations after enduring a workplace accident. Sometimes, these injuries can be so severe that they limit a person’s ability to work or perform specific tasks or render them unable to work altogether.

Preventative measures that can minimize workers’ injury risks

Restaurant workers can reduce their chances of suffering a fall by wearing slip-resident shoes. They should also encourage them to keep the floors free of debris that may pose a tripping hazard.

Employers should also encourage their workers to use oven mitts and arm coverings as they can significantly reduce their burn risk.

Eating establishment owners should adequately train their workers to properly use knives and to store them when they’re not in use. They should also provide their employees with cut resistant gloves and encourage their workers to wear them.

Employers should also train their workers to lift heavy objects properly using their legs instead of their backs. Their workers will reduce their chances of suffering lower limb, shoulder and back sprains and strains by doing this.

What you can do if you get hurt at work

Many employers know of the inherent dangers workers face at their job sites, yet they don’t take the necessary steps to ensure their employees’ safety. A workers’ compensation attorney will want to know more about your job and how your workplace accident happened. Your Manhattan lawyer may then advise you of how New York law may entitle you to employer-funded medical care, lost wages and other benefits in your case.